Saviour Machine - the best gothic rock group of the World - was formed somewhere in South California, in 1990. In this year they released a demo CD, called "Saviour Machine". At that time Eric Clayton (vocals), Jeff Clayton (guitars), Dean Forsyth (bass) and Chris Fee (drums) played in the band. This first CD was made only for promotional purposes, although there exists a re-release for the fans too.

The great event of the year 1992 was that the band was invited to take part in a very famous christian rock festival in the USA (Irwine). After a short while Chris Fee left the band. (The new member: Samuel West at the drums.)

In 1993 the band released their first official CD that was called "Saviour Machine I " similar to the previous issue mentioned above. At that time the bad had heavy problems, because the people who supported them at Frontline Records were gone. After finishing the recordings of the new album, the band went on a tour in the US, and at the end of it, Frontline records allowed them to record one more album.

In 1994 the new CD (Saviour Machine II) came out (it had two different cover versions). They had to record it between extremely hard conditions and without a sound engineer, because Frontline Records gave them only a minimal financial support. In this year Nathan Van Hala on the piano and Jayson Heart on the drums joined the band. From this time Saviour Machine has been working mainly in Europe, in Germany. Eric Clayton had bought the rights of all the band's stuff, and formed MCM Music.

In 1995 the band released their first live album and video: Live in Deutschland. In June 1995 the band started to compose that trilogy, which was intended to be as a musical interpretation of the Apocalypse.

1997 - as the first part of the trilogy - Saviour Machine issued Legend Part I.

In 1998, Legend Part II. has come in Europe on 15th of April (some extra tracks can be found on the maxi-single: Behold a Pale Horse). The present line-up of Saviour Machine is: Charles Cooper (bass), Nathan van Hala (piano, keyboards and programming), Eric Clayton (vocals), Jeff Clayton (guitars and treatments), and Jason Heart (drums and percussion).

And finally in 2001, the first part of the third 'Legend' CD has come out

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