Hi all! I know that you had to wait too much for this update on my SM page - sorry for this, many things have changed in my life (I had to change job, defend my PhD, etc.), so I didn't have enough time to complete, what I started long time ago... But now it seems to be ready, so please enjoy it, and feel free to use this form to share your comments, opinions, questions etc. about my site.

I don't want to talk too much about myself: some of you know me personally, some othes via the Internet - but I think, it is unpolite not to introduce myself at least in a few words to the others who never met me either personally or virtually. My name is Zsolt Némethy (this 'Well of Souls' nick came from an old Candlemass song, in which a story is told about a guy who defends the mankind against the well of souls - the place of all the evils. I love that song very much, and once I had to choose in a hurry a new E-mail address, and I wasn't able to think about better - since then I use this nick... Stupid, isn't it? :) )

Mowadays I live in Hungary, work as a biologist, and have two great hobbies: rock music and graphics: either "ordinary" or computer-graphics. Three or four years before I heard about a really unique band, which monumental vocals, deep lyrics and the singer's extraordinary voice made a deep impression on me. At that time I started to learn how to build homepages, and I thought, that this was the right time to try my new-born knowledge, and make a web-site, in which I can intoduce this great band to the others. Time passed, and I had the opportunity to listen to a lot of different goups, but Saviour Machine - the best gothic rock band all over the World - is one of my favourite band even now. The homepage devoted to them has been operating constantly for three years, and was refreshed and rebuilt several times, but I was never content with it (however, I'm very proud, because this URL can be found in the 'Links' section of the official Saviour Machine site!...

After all, I finally completed my work. Enjoy it, and I hope that you'll like it! At the end, one small thing is left to tell, what can be important in some cases: recently I received E-mails (and there can be found some guestbook entries too), in which some of you wrote me as if I would be a member of Saviour Machine. Please realize that I'm not a SM-musician, and unfortunately I don't have a direct connection to the band. This is an absolutely unofficial homepage, and I'm just a fan of the band.

The Unofficial Saviour Machine Homepage
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